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Ramp and Bacon Whipped Cream Cheese

This stuff is amazing for a bagel schmear, stuffing into a big fat juicy morel, or stirring into some homemade mac n cheese.

1 cup of loosely packed chopped ramps, stems and bulbs (please harvest sustainably...or grow your own!)

1 cup cream cheese

2 tbsp sour cream

2 tbsp milk (optional)

Pinch or two of salt (add to taste)

½ c chopped bacon (if you’re vegetarian, try frying up morels and chopping those up)

1. First, add ramps to food processor. Buzz them up until its not quite pureed but almost like a paste. Some larger bits of the bulb should still be visible.

2. Next add cream cheese, sour cream and a pinch of salt. Buzz until fully incorporated and starting to thin out. If you like a thinner consistency or you want to be able to pipe this as a stuffing, then you may want to add milk to your desired consistency. I did 2 tablespoons. If you like your cream cheese on the thicker side or are just using this for your morning bagel, skip the milk.

3. Add bacon (or morel bits).

4. Taste. If it still needs more salt, add more. If you like other stuff, like a dash of hot sauce or cayenne, I encourage you to do so. Buzz it up again and taste. Once to your liking, transfer to another container.


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