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Ed Joice

Forager, Hunter, Foodie-dude


Let me introduce myself. My name is Ed Joice and I hail from the great Bluegrass state of Kentucky. In 2009, when I turned 22, I graduated from a small liberal arts college in Indiana and moved up to Ely, Minnesota. There I went on to work for the Voyageur Outward Bound School leading canoeing and dogsledding/cross-country skiing expeditions in the Boundary Waters. While there, I became well acquainted with Minnesota wilderness and the bounty this land has to offer. I first started foraging  in 2010 when a friend, a retired Forest Service ranger, introduced me to oyster mushrooms on a canoe trip. By 2013 I had the confidence to successfully identify about a couple dozen edible mushrooms.

In 2015, my wife and I moved down to the Twin Cities. At this point, I had a lot of experience hunting for a variety of mushrooms through spring, summer, and fall so I decided to make it official. I successfully got certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for correctly identifying dozens of fungi. Since then, I have guided a number of organizations and individuals on successful mushroom hunting trips.

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